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Bonofa Logo
Bonofa website: www.bonofa.com
Cube7 website: www.cube7.com
Partner/Sales: +961 71 463 362

We all dreamed about earning money while working at home and while meeting friends and family at café/restaurant. We all dreamed about being business man or business woman. Well, there is a way now.


Bonofa is a fast groing German internet MLM company, headquarters in Saarbrücken, which aims to be the biggest business/marketing/sales network with numerous income possibilities and with the help of its partners (future shareholders). It will go IPO in 2017 where partners become shareholders. there are three way to earn money with Bonofa; recruiting partners, Bonofa IPO, and purchases in Cube7.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the participant is compensated not only for sales he personally generate, but also for the sales of other people that he recruit and for the sales of multilevel people recruited by the people that he recruit. This recruited sales force is referred as participant's downline, and can provide multiple levels of compensation for the participant.

Initial public offering (IPO) is a type of public offering where shares of stock in a company are priced by an underwriters and sold to the general public specially to institutional investors and retail clients. Underwriters, therefore, take many factors into consideration when pricing an IPO, and attempt to reach an offering price that is low enough to stimulate interest in the stock, but high enough to raise an adequate amount of capital for the company. Through this process, a private company transforms into a public company.

Bonofa Partner

Bonofa is a global network with partners from all countries, all ages, and all background experiences. Bonofa features three types of partner with different number of .comPoints (future shares) and different compensation plan. Every type of partner has a price; Premium partner for 329.80€, Exclusive partner for 979.80€, and VIP partner for 2,519.90€. After choosing what type of partner you would like to be, you can register online using your Master card or Visa card (Web Surfer Card) or you can contact us to register you manually. You will earn money from new partners that you recruit and for every new partner recruited by your downline (Multilevel partners)

If you are out of the budget, yo can be Basic Partner for one time registration fee 29.90€ and you are qualified to recruit new partners and earn money. You can also start low with Premium partner than upgrade to Exclusive or VIP partner. If you upgrade in less than one month, you will pay the difference only.

People with good public relation and marketing skill will succeed in Bonofa partner program and will earn lot of money monthly. Other people can also be lucky.

Bonofa MLM compensation plan

Bonofa MLM compensation plan is designed to encourage individuals as well as group sales. It is limited vertically to 12 levels maximum where you can get benefits from 12 deep levels partners in maximum. In addition, there are 12 volumes of sales and 9 bonus options lead for higher commission.

The basic commission for the 12 levels: L1 10%, L2 5%, L3 5%, L4 1%, L5 1%, L6 1%, L7 0.5%, L8 0.5%, L9 0.5%, L10 0.5%, L11 0.5%, and L12 0.5%. If Partner-A recruit Partner-B and Partner-B recruit Partner-C, Partner-A get 10% commission from recruiting Partner-B (Level 1) and 5% commission from recruiting Partner-C (Level 2) but Partner-B get 10% commission from recruiting Partner-C (Level 1). Partner-B is in Level 1 for Partner-A. Partner-C is in Level 2 for Partner-A and in Level 1 for Partner-B.

The additional commission (for the 12 levels) for each volume of sales: Team Leader +2%, Bronze +3%, Silver +4%, Gold +5%, Diamond +8%, 1 Star Diamond +10%, 2 Star Diamond +12%, 3 Star Diamond +14%, 4 Star Diamond +16%, 5 Star Diamond + 17%, Royal Diamond +18%, and Crown Diamond +19%.

The 9 bonus options are:
1. First Order Bonus: 10% commissions on any package purchased by a partner enrolled by you.
2. Fast Start Bonus: every time someone in your organisation makes a sale, you earn a commission, up to 12 levels deep.
3. Team Bonus: you earn 5% on all of the monthly BAIO purchases made by anyone in your organisation, up to 6 levels deep.
4. Infinity Bonus: Exclusive and VIP partners get an extra bonus, starting 2% for Level 1 till 19% for Level 12, based on the volume of sales made by your downline
5. .comPoints Bonus: increase .comPoints by your performance.
6. Cube7 Bonus: you earn on every purchase within your organisation (affiliates and free users), up to 6 levels deep.
7. Fun Bonus: VIP partners receive Cube7 users that don’t yet recruited or invited by any partner or user.
8. National Pool Bonus: all VIP partners of a Bonofa country form a pool to which 1% of the sales generated via Cube7 is distributed equally.
9. Car bonus: your own car is qualified to show Bonofa Logo as long as it is less than 5 years old.

For more information: Bonofa marketing plan (PDF) and Bonofa career plan (PDF).

Bonofa IPO on 2017

Bonofa plans to go public in 2017 when Cube7 will reach 100 million users. Bonofa's shares will be priced and sell to the public. The Bonofa partners will get rewarded again because the .comPoints will be converted into Shares. Every Bonofa partner start with an amount of .comPoints: Premium partner starts with 10 000 .comPoints, Exclusive partner starts with 50 000 .comPoints, and VIP partner starts with 200 000 .comPoints.


Cube7 is the most important product from Bonofa; another way to make money via MLM strategy as a Bonofa’s partner. Cube7 is the state of art social network platform that revolves the 5 biggest trends on the internet: Communication (mid 2013), Entertainment (end 2014), Gaming (mid 2014), Shopping (end 2013), and Applications.

Bonofa’s partner get additionally voucher to spend on cube7; Premium partner get 300.00 Euros voucher, Exclusive partner get 950.00 Euros voucher, and VIP partner get 2,500.00 Euros voucher. In addition, Bonofa partners can recruit people to become Cube7’s users. These Cube7’s users sign up for free and get 80 Euros voucher to spend on cube7. You will get paid each time a partner or a user, that you recruited or has been recruited by your downline, make a purchase on Cube7. The VIP partner get 100% commission, Exclusive partner get 50% commission, Premium partner get 25% commission, and Basic partner get 12.5% commission on purchases in cube7.

For more information: Bonofa & Cube7 presentation (PDF).

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