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Utopia Lebanon provides exclusive tropical wedding venues on the beach of Damour, Chouf.

Faqra Club features an outdoor wedding venue Panorama. It is nestled in-between thousand-year-old limestone rock formations in the midst of a vast diversity of wild-growing flora and fauna. It also overlook beirut and the valley.

Riviera Hotel provides Indoor wedding venues in Beryte or Elissar Ballrooms and outdoor wedding venues by the pool or on the Island surrounded by the sea.

Jeita Country Club Lebanon features indoor wedding venue by the restaurant and outdoor wedding venue entitled “Les Jardins de Solomon” is a two-level garden with a backdrop of stone walls and a terrace.

Michael Garden Lebanon is a wedding garden in lebanon.

Chateau Rweiss Lebanon wedding venues places.

Aldea Lebanon wedding venues places.

Sursock Palace and Donna Maria Sursock Residence Lebanon wedding venues places.

Arnaoon Lebanon wedding venues places.

Robert Mouawad Private Museum Lebanon wedding venues places

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