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GC Events Lebanon has a huge curriculum of prestigious events of organizing weddings, exhibitions and international beauty contest pageants.

Khairallah Events Lebanon strives to make your event magical and stunning. We offer diverse design services for all your needs in designing and setting up the eventís location.

AV Concept Lebanon is specialized in designing and planning events from weddings and engagements to anniversaries and other social events.

Paul Nasr Lebanon offers a complete service for wedding designing and event planning needs.

Caracter Events Lebanon is a company which specializes in designing weddings events.

At White Wedding and Event Planners, we work together with you on the features of your wedding that have built in your mind - and even some that never thought of!

Ambiance Lebanon is a wedding planner that provides unique mix of ever changing looks and styles.

Events and Co Lebanon is a wedding planner that will help you to save money, time and stress leaving you relaxed to truly enjoy your wedding.

Weddings 4 Life Lebanon is specializes in the design, planning, organization of weddings and other events.

Patchwork Events Lebanon plans and designs spectacular and sensational weddings, while upholding the values of integrity and honesty the bride and groom expect.

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