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Cedars Ski Resort Lebanon is located about 2 hours drive north of Beirut at an altitude 2000m - 2870m. It is slightly higher than Faraya Mzaar, with a slightly longer ski season as a result.

Faraya Mzaar Ski Resort Lebanon provides all informations needed for skiers at Faraya Mzaar Ski Slopes including weather forecast for 5 days, ski slopes conditions and difficulties, snow quality and height, webcam, road status, and wind speed.

La Reserve Horsh Ehden Lebanon is an ecolodge that features chalets, restaurant, and outdoor adventures and activities.

Etoile Du Loup Resort Lebanon is a four star chalet resort located in Jezzine City. It is built on 1200 meters hill, surrounded by Bkassine pine forest, and overlooking the Jezzine City.

LunaSol Bungalows Lebanon provides a perfect atmosphere of relaxation and coziness. It is entirely made of wood with chimney and jacuzzi indoor. It also features a private garden with an outdoor jacuzzi.

El Rancho Lebanon offers individualized scheduling where campers can participate in the activities in which they are interested. Enjoy hiking, horseback riding, cycling, archery, paintball, and even educational farming and plantation.

Mount Smash is especially designed to accommodate up to 106 guests into 8 spacious blocks. Guests can come into groups of 4, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 or 24 and find lodge in this facility endowed with the perfect setting for adventures.

Shouf Cedar Forest Reserve Lebanon features Hiking, Biking, Environmental Games, Village Cultural Tour, & panoramic view of the countryside: eastward the Bekaa Valley and Qaraoun Lake, and westward the Mediterranean Sea.

Lebanon Mountain Trail Lebanon organizes trip on mountain trails and can help you to plan your entire hike and all its logistics.

Association for Forests Development and Conservation (AFDC) Lebanon provides an ecotourism facility center (MFDCL) which features eco-tourism activities organized for individuals and groups.

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