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Beirut Solidere (Beirut City Center, Beirut Central District) is an area thousands of years old, traditionally a focus of business, finance, culture  and leisure. Its reconstruction constitutes one of the most ambitious contemporary urban developments.

Brummana lies on one of the Metn Hills in Mount Lebanon at 750m above sea level between Beit Mery and Baabdat, and located at 17km far east from Beirut. It commands a magnificent view to the mountains of Metn, Aley, Baabda and Kesrwan.

Fih is located 82Km north Beirut, 13Km east Tripoli, and 427m above sea level. Borders : Balamand & Kalhat from north, Zakroun & Barghoun from west, Aafesdik & Beshmezine from south, Bterram from east, Batroumine & Deddeh from north east.

Hammana is a wonderful summer resort due to its lovely weather. It is located 25 km east of Beirut at an altitude from 1100 to 1250 meters above sea level.

Tripoli, a coastal city, is located 80 km north of Beirut and It rises gradually from sea up to 100m above sea level. It is the second-largest city in Lebanon.

El Mina, a coastal city, is located 85 km north beirut and 5 km east Tripoli. Just offshore is a string of small islands, the only islands of Lebanon, and the second-largest port in Lebanon.

Amioun is about 330m above sea level and is located 78km north of Beirut, and 18km east of Tripoli. Situated between the sea and the mountains on a chain of beautiful hills that stretch from east to west, and surrounding by olive fields.

Amchit is located in the Northern side of Jbeil and 38Km away from Beirut. Its boundaries touch the limits of the sea; they extend towards the East, reaching gradually the town of Gharfin. It rises gradually from sea up to 160m above sea level.

Ain Zhalta is situated 39 km south east of Beirut at an altitude of 1220 m above sea level. Borders : Mtein from north, Masnaa from west, Barouk from south, and Aley from east.

Kalamoun (Qalamoun), a coastal town, is located 80 km north of Beirut and 7 km west south of Tripoli. Borders : Ras Maska from north, Mediterranee sea from west, Balamand and Hreishe from south, and Deddeh from east.

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