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Careers Lebanon believes in active role to enhance human potential and contribution to company growth. They are committed to help people achieve on-going personal development within the realities of occupational constrains, & equally answer company need.

Prime Job Lebanon is an Executive Search firm based in Lebanon specializing in senior and mid level positions. Its purpose is assisting companies to find suitable candidates that would efficiently contribute in the company's success.

Cinops Lebanon is a recruitment & consultancy agency, founded in 1985 by Dr. Elias N. Mattar, Ph.D. in Social Sciences, and a university professor.

Star Five Lebanon is an independent recruitment Office specialized in recruitment and placement of temporary, contract and permanent quality staff. It believes in long-term partnerships, built on trust and common objectives.

Jobs MENA Lebanon specializes in the placement of qualified and experienced job candidates in Lebanon and the Middle East region.

Mantis Lebanon is the pre-eminent Lebanese provider of talent search, recruitment and human resources consulting services throughout the Middle East and the African continent.

Business Lobby Lebanon aims to be the best at identifying, qualifying and delivering top talent for client companies, while enhancing the career of candidates.

Rouaa Lebanon has developed HR services to answer its clients' needs in the best approach suitable to their environment.

IRC Lebanon partners with companies to help fulfill their manpower requirements. IRC Lebanon helps people be more effective and motivates them to perform at their best.

JC Conseil Lebanon is a Lebanese leading executive search firm specialized in senior-level searches for clients throughout the Middle East, Gulf and North Africa.

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