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Watergate Aqua Park Lebanon is a thrilling aqua park with entertaining rides through Twister body slide, Kamikaze high-speed roller coaster, and 200-meter Mega Slide Tunnel. Watergate Lebanon features Wavepool with one meter waves and a Crazy River.

Waves Aqua Park Lebanon features Wave Pool in the heart of the water park, Kids Pool an architectural wonder, two hills covered by 7 intertwining Slides with 21 m height and 2 Km wide, four lane Racer, and an Island Pool in the middle of a Lazy River.

Splash Land Lebanon is a family entertainment center open in all seasons for safe fun and adventure with a mission to put smiles on visitors faces. It includes indoor and outdoor water aqua parks.

Riolento Water Park Lebanon provides the Wave Pool, the Kamikaze slide, the Party Island and many other attractions are there to make your day exciting, fun and unforgettable.

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