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Faqra Club Lebanon is located 1,720m above the sea level and it features private ski slopes, ski hotel, horse-riding, a swimming pool, tennis courts, mini football court, grass ski slopes, mountain board, and basket-ball courts.

Golf Club Lebanon is a beautiful green oasis of sun soaked tranquility located adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. It provides a venue for sport, recreation, entertainment and social enjoyment. It features an 18-hole championship quality golf course.

Jeita Country Club Lebanon is located next to the majestic Jeita grotto and features swimming pools, tennis, squash, basketball and football courts as well as other numerous attractions for all ages.

Batroun Village Club Lebanon is located on the hills of Batroun and overlooking the sea. It features a tropical pool, basketball court, three tennis courts, riding club, pad-dock, and stables.

Mechref Country Club Lebanon offers polo, horseback riding, basketball, ping pong, tennis, squash and swimming facilities, in addition to a health club, fitness classes and a sauna.

Ehden Country Club Lebanon is the ideal resort for relaxation and rejuvenation. Merely half an hour from the Mediterranean Sea and twenty minutes from the ski slopes of the Cedars, it is the ideal summer and winter vacation spot.

Country Lodge Club Lebanon has distinguished itself as a selective retreat for rest, relaxation & superior recreation for the whole family.

Peaks Resort Lebanon provides outdoors activities during summer and winter in calm and clean environment in Feytroun (Keserwan).

West Bekaa Country Club Lebanon features Outdoor & Indoor swimming pool, Sports Activities, Italian & Lebanese Restaurants, Wedding Venue, Cigar Lounge, and Kidsí Area.

Senses Club Lebanon is a place to renew, recharge and enjoy, it is designed to be an urban wellness retreat. Whether it's a personal training session invigorating visits to the steam rooms or body treatments customized for your skin.

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