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Microsoft Lebanon Office is the Microsoft official office in North Africa, East Med and Pakistan Subsidiary.

Integrated Digital Systems (IDS) Lebanon provides wide range of softwares including Business Applications, Information Management, E-Banking, Billing, and Resource Management Systems.

Software Design Lebanon provides an Enterprise Resource Planning System (Visual Dolphin ERP), a Point Of Sale software (Visual Dolphin Retail), a MBUs and Media Houses (Visual Dolphin Media), and a Job Costing (Visual Dolphin Job Costing).

Sword Lebanon provides a Banking and Finance system, an Engineering / Construction / Utilities / Transportation system, a Government and Public Sector system, a Health Care system, and an Insurance system.

Soft Solutions Lebanon provides a wide range of retail solutions including Master Information Suite, Retail Analytics Suite, Retail Execution Suite, Retail Collaboration Suite, Merchandising Business Suite, Supply Operation Suite, and Info Suite.

Check Solutions Lebanon provides an Enterprise Resource Planning System (VBIG ERP), a Point Of Sale & Customer Relationship Management System (OPTIMATE) and other softwares.

BML Istisharat Lebanon provides a banking system (ICBS), an insurance system (CIRIS), a life policy system (LIRIS), & an accounting system (IMAD).

Ever Team Lebanon provides an integrated Enterprise Content Management system (EverSuite ECM) for Banking and Finance, Education, Energy and Utilities, Engineering and Construction, Insurance, and Public Sector.

AAS Lebanon provides Knowledge Assets Management solutions (Knowledge Management Systems, Information Resources Services, RFID Security Furniture Solutions, Museums Archives Solutions, Entreprise KM Enablement, and Digitization Cataloguing Solutions).

Anzima Lebanon provides a banking and financial system (CREMS), an insurance system (Claims Automation System) a business software (BESK), and an HR system (HeRMeS).

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